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At Lost Wizard Enterprises, we do pretty much whatever bespoke programming you need. Whether it's a completely new green field project to be ipmlemented from scratch or updates to an existing project, we're happy to help. Well, as long as we can understand the project and have the required skills to do it justice. So don't be afraid to ask us if we can take on your project. If we don't feel we can do it justice, we'll tell you that up front.

Costs for programming are usally hourly for small bit work or ongoing updates and maintenance work. The hourly rate will usually be our standard rate (currently $100/hour) or the emergency rate (double the standard rate) though there is some room to negotiate other rates. Larger projects will usually be quoted on a project basis and, as long as there are no changes in scope of work, the original request was clear, all required documentation and other resources are supplied in a timely manner, and we deliver a finished product, the quoted amount is what you will pay.

Of course, we do have some core skills that we bring to the table. However, keep in mind that a great deal of technology is similar enough to other technology that even if we do not have direct experience with it, it doesn't mean we can't help you with it. Again, if we don't feel we can handle a project, we will tell you up front rather than wasting your (and our) time.

All that said, here are some examples of what we can do.

The very technology that runs so many web sites, PHP and MySQL is one of our core strengths. We have experience creating things ranging from bespoke plugins for WordPress to scratch coded business logic based web sites linked with remote APIs.
Javascript is all over web sites these days, but it isn't just for the web site. Do you have javascript that needs updating? Or, perhaps, you have a node.js project that needs completing? If so, get in touch. We can probably help.
Low Level C Programming
We actually have one open source project that was almost entirely created by one of our team which is written in C. In addition to that, our team has extensive experience with C in a linux/unix command line environment and has written many situational utilities in C.
Perl and Python
The old venerable Perl and the up-and-coming (or already here) Python are also in our took kit. If you need someone to convert that line noise your previous IT professionals insisted was a perl script into something legible, or update the behaviour of a bespoke python application, we can probably help.
Even if it isn't listed above, there's a good chance we can figure it out reasonably quickly. If you have a project that needs something else, do get in touch. If it's something we don't feel we can handle, we will tell you that up front.

Please send any inquries about our sevices by email to info@l-w.ca.

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