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System and Network Administration

Do you have a network that you need to manage? Something more complex than a router connected to a switch and several computers and devices connected with wires and wifi? Or do you have a web server or some other server that you need to manage? Say a cloud server running a corporate intranet site? Is all of the jargon from your suppliers leaving you baffled? Then Lost Wizard Enterprises may be able to help.

We have experience with most aspects of network and server administration. See below for various services we can provide.

Network Administration
This includes everything from troubleshooting physical network connections and hardware to router configuration. We can even provide advice about how to design of your network. As with all our services, if you ask us for advice and we do not feel we can provide adequate service, we will tell you so immediately.
Server Administration
Do you have servers on your network or from a cloud provider that you need help to manage? Say a web server or something running a bespoke application? Are they running a mysterious thing called Debian or Ubuntu or CentOS? Or some flavour of Linux or BSD or something else? Then we can almost certainly help you with that. Get in contact with us to find out.
TCP/IP Networking
Do you need some help configurating mysterious things like IPv6 or BGP? Or do you need to know if that other consultant you hired is talking sense? We can possibly help you with that. Send us a note to find out.

Please send any inquries about our sevices by email to info@l-w.ca.

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