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Lost Wizard Enterprises Incorporated provides a number of services related to Linux administration, network operation, and programming. See below for a list of some of the services we offer. Please contact us at lost@l-w.ca if you wish to inquire about any of our services.

PHP Programming

We provide PHP programming services. That includes coding for web site backends as wall as command line projects that do not operate through a web server. If you have a project that needs custom coding, that is probably right up our alley. If you have an old site that was custom coded by a developer who left your organization a decade ago, we can clean it up for you.

We can even "decrypt" code that was obfuscated with many popular schemes for protecting source code. That means if a previous developer "encrypted" your web site using something like Sourcecop, we can get back your code. It may take a bit of work for us to detangle whatever was done, but if the code can run on an unmodified PHP interpreter, we can get the code back.

C Programming

We also provide C programming services. This includes such things as network daemons, low level tools, and even cross assemblers. We do not currently provide GUI design or programming. We are also not game developers.

Related to C programming, we can also do basic C++ programming. However, it is our considered opinion that C++ is a terrible programming language for a number of reasons, especially when the standard template library, iostream, or things like the Boost library are used. All that said, if you have a code base that needs a bit of a tweak, we may be able to help you out.

We do most of our work in unix-like environments and do not have development tools for Windows, though, so if you need a Windows GUI application, we are probably not the right people.

Linux and Unix System Administration

We can help you out with your Linux servers, and to a more limited extent, BSD and other unix-like systems. we have experience with Apache, MySQL (and MariaDB), sendmail, dovecot, and a host of other utilities and features. Indeed, if you need a simple tool to do a repetitive task on your server, we can build one for you using bash, perl, C, or even PHP if you want.

TCP/IP networking

We also have experience with TCP/IP networking. Whether you need to configure your router or set up BGP peering with your upstream provider, we have the relevent experience. We also have more than a decade of experience with IPv6.


Even if the service you need isn't listed above, we would be happy to talk to you about your needs. If we don't feel we can adequately support your needs, we will happily tell you so. We might even know someone who can do the work you need.

Please send any inquries about our sevices by email to info@l-w.ca.

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